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4 26, production team led by Vans, shooting the first skateboard movie "Propeller" will come to the world tour in Asia - Shanghai city only China, this film is skateboarding has epoch-making historical significance, it consists of the prestigious Greg Hun director, in the "Propeller" in the collection of hitherto unknown the skateboard culture pioneers and various occupation skaters. Activities in April 26th, Vans Chinese will also bring their own occupation skateboard team: HSBC, Wang Daniel, Wang Guohua and Zhang Yang, and they will be in the mirror and all the skateboard enthusiasts to watch the film in advance, and will be held on-site signature.

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? Vans "Propeller" in the legendary Skateboarding Film Slide hand thing

Steve Caballero

as the legendary skateboard industry, Steve Caballero has made many great achievements in his 30 years of skateboarding career, he is one of the few people will only remember his nickname Cab slip of hand.

80's Stacey Peralta to create a super skateboard team Bones Brigade to re define Steve Caballero as the skateboard culture, a veteran member of team, participated in the filming of the world's most famous Skateboarding Video "The Search for" Animal Chin, Steve Caballero and Frontside Caballerial is the earliest invention Boardslide the two skateboarding people in 2009 Steve Caballero and Vans to celebrate his first double Signature Edition Vans Caballero 20th anniversary anniversary skateboard shoes. Vans Half Cab, the Vans is by far the most popular is the "best" skateboard shoes, also had a memorable 20th anniversary birthday in the year 2012. Christian Ho Bo

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(39 Health Network)

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