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in November 6th last week, Vans Retail Tour roadshow came to Hangzhou, and in two the lakeside intime 1 floor for Vans enthusiasts to create graffiti area, here the customer can be "a painting party Hugh, unique in the blank Lovenskate paper shoes creativity has since released. Photobooth photo shoot in the area, you can also shoot 10 seconds of creative video, and friends with the interpretation of the exclusive Vans action blockbuster. At the same time there are screened in the activities within the area of the Vans documentary, in order to deepen the cognition of "Off the Vans war Wall brand culture. To enjoy various creative home wearing DIY shoes!
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deep horse has cool new ways, Shenzhen mobile 4G+ network to allow the public to easily play live. In December 18th, the 2016 Shenzhen international marathon running under the blue sky and white clouds, all the runners and spectators have to carry out personal live broadcast, a popular network, Chinese prickly ash, reflecting off the major broadcast platform Shenma Live Room total more than 3227, more than 41 million people watched the whole network. What is the reason for the first blowout of the deep horse? The field survey found that, in addition to the widespread popularity of live broadcast, more powerful and high-speed mobile network to guarantee deep horse is also the main cause. During the competition, the connection rate of Shenzhen mobile 4G+ network reached 99.82%, the peak rate was up to 102.52Mbps, and the main communication guarantee index reached the world class level.

attracted more than 3 thousand competitors from more than 30 countries and regions this year, with a coverage of 99.8% of the mobile 4G+ network along the way. It is understood that, compared with other similar events in the deep Ma Xin mobile 4.5G network security, covering up the horse deep end point CBD center, innovative application of 4.5G 3D-MIMO technology, which can accommodate 80 thousand people at the same time, high-speed Internet, mobile phone users if 4.5G, upload speed can be doubled, playing live video, share more cool. For example, deep maming starting gun, mobile 4G+ Network Measurement Center South Plaza public upload rate is up to 24Mbps, download speeds up to 102Mbps.

mobile phone broadcast Shenma bursting with popularity, direct drive mobile Internet traffic peak. During the event, the overall flow of Shenzhen mobile 4G increased by 113% compared with last year's deep horse, and the peak of the flow rate appeared at the start of the 8 point 05 points. In addition, the 4G flow in the Central District of the civil center was 144% higher than that of last year, and the 4G flow in the coastal area of Shenzhen Bay increased by 125% last year.

, as the youngest gold medal of the Chinese marathon, has attracted the participation of runners and spectators from all over the world. Shenzhen mobile data analysis report shows that from the competition process, there are more than 420 thousand people participating or cheer for the players, mainly distributed in the Civic Center, Shenzhen Bay Sports Center, Shenzhen Bay Park, the wedding theatre section; in terms of geographical distribution, 40 thousand came from outside Guangdong, most from Guangxi accounted for 9.6%, followed by Hunan, Jiangxi accounted for 9.1%, third, accounting for 8.1%. The participants about 60 thousand people, mainly from the Pearl River Delta region, most of them from Dongguan, accounting for 17.2%, followed by Guangzhou (16.3%) and Foshan (12.2%); from the time point of view, the field and the audience of nearly 4 players into one day earlier arrived in Shenzhen, ahead of the familiar running route. Because of the traffic more convenient, Guangdong residents are nearly 26% spectators to Shenzhen day. According to how to ensure that everyone can play the Internet smoothly, the local mainstream operators introduced the Shenzhen Mobile's innovative network mode with three-dimensional coverage, the terminal of civic center and the 75 launch points of Shenzhen Bay half terminal, adding 75 micro base stations.

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