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and the combination of blue suede shoes has always been the most common collocation of color and material combination, also has not old outdated trend mix. Vans will continue to follow this trend orientation, launched a pair of Sk8-Hi Slim Zip shoes the shoes shoe body more slender, more suitable for girls to foot, the heel is also equipped with better wear convenient zipper. Blue shoes are carefully adjusted, one called: Royal Blue royal blue sapphire blue, compared with the traditional dark blue, the shoes have more activity and more state of grace. Shoe laces, Sidestripe outsole and inside with white adaptation.
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American runner Natalie Mitchell is a young mother with 3 children, and of course she is a good wife and a good friend. She has run 7 marathons and won 4 POMA qualification (BQ) and 5 times in the three game of iron. The best result of her whole horse is 3 hours and 23 minutes. In her view, a healthy marathon training has 6 habits that should not be broken.

Natalie likes to write articles to share his life, running stories and training experience. She ran with her parents in the local park at the age of 7, and her father had a great influence on her running. He ran several times a week for 14 miles (22.53km) training, and she liked to listen to his adventures. He told her that any goal could be achieved as long as it was hard and dedicated.
Natalie was a runner of cross-country track and field team during high school and college in
, so she really fell in love with running and it made her feel unbelievable. After graduation, she started running horses and took part in iron three. She realized that her most successful running time was in front of her, as long as she had the courage to dream.

has been running all horse PR within 1 years of knee surgery, making Natalie more confident about the impact of the new PR. She married her best friend and had 3 lovely children (4, 6 and 9, respectively). Their crazy and busy lives are full of happiness, travel and adventure every day.

years of training and competition, let Natalie summarize some experience of health training, want to keep healthy in marathon training, there are 6 habits should not be broken:

1, do not ignore the dynamic warm-up! Natalie has never run before it takes 10 minutes for the following training: leg swing, hip, leg lifts, go go "(open and shut the door gate), Cara OK, B-skips and fast running training.

2, often massage. The physical training is very hard, so it is very important to exercise the body by eliminating the lactic acid and relaxing the muscles.

3, rest! Sleep, sleep, sleep (it's important to say three times!).

4, maintain proper nutrition. After 20 minutes of running, eat some protein and carbohydrates. Don't forget to stretch!

5, replenishing water! Natalie's goal is 100 ounces a day (about 2.83 liters) of water. It not only helps to restore, but also the skin glowing!

6, regular ice bath. It's quivering, but it's worth it.

Natalie sincerely hopes everyone can join her in running. What are you waiting for?

(Sina running moonlight)

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