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this spring, the United States and the United States in addition to the Vans Da shoes, all kinds of course not the Vans spring themed backpack, a variety of common color? III Backpack, Realm Backpack Deana and larger capacity backpack, Square Backpack, Van Doren square Icono II Backpack Aliso Hip Pack and so on, there are pockets launched in this season. Backpack design is novel and bold, also a conservative low-key, mostly and shoes of each other, such as hot spring Macarons, strawberry, beer labels, black leather shoes and so on for punching pattern / material, are introduced for knapsack collocation, which naturally also has 50th anniversary black backpack. At present, all have been sold.

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The winter night running more cool, playing a game with the body art. To cool to health.

runners like to say, measure the city by footsteps. The winter night runners said to play an art -- dressed in black tights with their long sleeves and trousers, runners can hide in the winter night, this time they are like a canvas, and then at the cuffs or shoulders, or add a layer of reflective coating gloves, shoes how to play, are creative. At this time, the night run people are the neon lights of the city.

to cool to health

from the details
coat: winter running to stratified warm, personal must wear moisture wicking speed dry clothes, now many tight compression clothing are very warm and breathable; wearing black turtleneck windproof clothes run, according to the weather changes can be added in two layers of clothing. Do not wear cotton clothes, sweating on the body is especially easy to cold, the coat is not recommended to use a charge, the fabric is hard, heavy and air tight. You can take a thick coat and wear the body temperature for the first time.

Pants: legs are the most cold resistant part of human body. They usually have tight pants or other sports pants that absorb moisture and sweat. They can be increased according to personal cold tolerance.

scarf: windy day can also be in the neck wear multifunctional hood to prevent the wind flow, when necessary, can also cover their nose and mouth, hot sweat.

: cold weather gloves hands and forearms are the cold, so must be equipped with gloves, can choose the thickness and the palm part of soft material that outdoor waterproof gloves, gloves, wear is warm, but easy to sweat, it is better to catch soft velvet gloves, warm and cover your mouth and breath the friction of ear nose are very comfortable. In addition, gloves should be worn. The tight arms of some gloves will impede the flow of blood in the arms. Running can cause chills and numbness of the back of the hand.

hat: the head is the most commonly distributed part of heat. Of course, it is also the most capillary part. It is the most easily sweating. It is better to choose the hat of ventilation fabric and cover the ears. The friends with MP3 road have to pay more attention to it and turn their voices down.

reflective equipment: winter night long day short, recommend wearing light color running clothes, or wearing orange fluorescent wristbands, etc., to prevent the danger.

night running is very happy, the wind needs to be careful

night run early in the Pearl River Delta region red through half of the sky, the winter warm here, and more dry than the summer, it is a good time for running. But there are some hidden dangers in the night run. There are some details. We still need to remind ourselves over and over again.

should take a good time for the night run

fitness experts believe that "morning exercise" or "night run" is good, which is entirely based on everyone's habits and physical fitness. No matter which way they exercise, if they don't adapt to it, they should and.

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